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Scottish Highland Cattle

We breed AHCA registered Scottish Highland Cattle.


The double hair coat (long, coarse outer layer and soft wooly inner layer) is one of the most notable differences between Highlands and other breeds. The coat reduces the need for expensive barns and shelters.  Highlands tend to be docile and calm and do not stress easily. They are easy to work with despite their long horns. The horns are used primarily for knocking down the brush to graze, predator control, and scratching. Horns on females are generally upswept and finer textured than those on males. Male horns are more forward-pointing and massive. Highland cows are noted for being highly devoted and protective mothers. They are noted for calving ease due to the small calf size  (60-70 pounds). Cows may produce into their late teens, reducing the need for frequent herd replacement. Highland cows will average 900-1200 pounds when mature. Bulls will average from 1500-1800 pounds, depending on forage conditions.

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