Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can stay in your AirBnB?

The space is surprisingly large, it has a one bedroom (king size bed), we also offer two couches and a blowup queen sized mattress.  We don't recommend more than 5 people.

Can we tour the Farm if we are not staying at the AirBnB?

Yes, we also offer two hour visits to the farm. Check out the 'Visit the Farm' section for more information. Come play on the farm and visit with Scottish Highland Cattle.

Are you a Sanctuary?

While all of our animals are pets, we are not a sanctuary.  We do not eat our animals.  We do sell our offspring from time to time to supplement the farm.

How do you pay for the farm?

Our farm is primarily funded through agritourism.  It was not our original intent, but it has allowed us to expand animal types and experiences. All funds are directly used to support the farm. 

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