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WS62703501 Sir Duke Of Cagle Mountain

Duke is a 140+ pound, AKC registered, pure-bred Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dog.


He has a super friendly personality, medium energy, and has no health issues. We have an AirBnB and do farm tours, so he's well socialized. He's great around strangers, small kids, and our livestock (alpaca, goats, pigs, sheep, and chickens) and has little to no prey drive with no incidents. He is a proven stud and makes beautiful, well temperamented, and healthy pups.


Overall he's fearless, never intimidated by anything, super friendly and super playful. He's a handsome, strong, healthy dog with a great temperament.


WS65034101 Lady Duchess Of Cagle Mountain

Lady is a 90+ pound, AKC registered pure-bred Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dog.

Lady is a natural mother.  She has a great temperament and greets everyone with a positive demeanor. She is well socialized with our guests and allows our family to interact with her puppies from the very start.  She has no prey drive and is good at teaching her little ones from an early age. 

Lady loves all babies on the farm and has been known to guard the stalls with kids and lambs. She is a beautiful and gentle Lady.

Previous Puppies

Our puppies typically leave for their homes at 8 weeks or farms at 12 weeks. They are well socialized with our livestock and visitors to the farm. Puppies will come with the following:


AKC Registration Papers


Replacement Warranty

Shot Record

Veterinarian Health Certificate

Lifetime Support

We are happy to work with any transportation planning that you provide.  

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