Tulliavue Farm G Cash

DOB: 03/25/2018

The TKS MT RDG Farm EM George x The TKS MT RDG Farm EM Daisy

American Dairy Goat Association Registration (D2001350)




Chocolate Buckskin with white overlay and Brown Eyes

  •  All goats born at Little Tail Farms are raised partial bottle/dam raised, and all kids are disbudded.  All cattle are dam raised.  All transportation costs are the responsibility of the buyer. We reserve the right to cancel any reservation for any reason.


    Travel and new homes are stressful. Little Tail Farms is NOT responsible for the livestock health after they have left the farm. Little Tail Farms Farm is NOT responsible for any vet bills once livestock leaves our care.  We will not sell a single goat unless it has a companion at its new home. Cattle can be sold in singles.  Show and production cannot be guaranteed.


    All sales are final.


    *By entering into a purchase, you have agreed to the terms of the sales policy*

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