Picking Out Cornbread

Yesterday's adventure yielded Cornbread, a KuneKune Pig! We ventured out from the farm and visited a lovely farm, KC Farms, in Crossville, TN, to take a look at and learn more about their KuneKune Pigs.

We LOVED them!!

We had done a bit of research and decided the KuneKune was perfect for Little Tail Farms. At KC Farms farm, we met John and Jamie, and we have much in common with this sweet family. They started their farm about the same time as ours, and we had fun swapping stories and learning from each other. We fell in love with Cornbread, and Jamie and John will deliver him soon, bring their kids, and check out our farm.

What a neat farm they have! They raise KuneKune Pigs and a variety of chickens and ducks!! Just a few to mention; Easter Eggers, Welsummers, Polish, Bielefelders, Cornish Cross Chickens, and Appleyard Ducks. They also sell fresh farm eggs, Elderberry Syrup, Broilers, and produce. They also have a great YouTube channel about their farm adventures.

Meeting Cornbread
Meeting Cornbread

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